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The ultimate products and security systems for your business premises.


GSM Interfaces

We offer a comprehensive range of modular GSM units. With prices starting at only £199 you should find something for every application and budget. MORE>>


Fixed Lines

For total peace of mind upgrade your existing alarm and fit a telephone auto dialler. Diallers, often spelt Dialers and referred to as speech diallers can be interfaced to, or retrofit, almost any Alarm system.



We supply SMShield, SMShield Lite, TexAlert, Bike Guard, Trading Stated, CaraShield, TrackAlert, Microwatch, Textwatch, MORE>>



Applications include Boats, Yachts, Cars, Caravans, Houses, Bikes, Motorhomes and Motorcycles.


Alarm Upgrades

All of out telemetry devices will retrofit most existing alarm systems, for example a security alarm, home alarm, car alarm, barn alarm, or outbuilding alarm. Your alarm will then send automatic text messages or voice calls direct to your mobile phone.

SMS Alarm Pager





No one likes waiting so we do our very best to ensure delivery times are kept to a minimum. MORE>>


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GSM alarm Pagers: Click here now for our Product Selector.

Mobile phones are not only great devices for keeping in touch with people, but also great devices for keeping in touch with your possessions. Interfacing a security alarm to the telephone system has revolutionized the security industry, and now that most people have mobile phones, this has gone one step further.

GSM Camera Systems: The Nokia Observation Camera.

The Nokia PT6 Remote Camera helps you keep an eye - and an ear - on things. Install it indoors or outdoors, in your home or cottage, warehouse or office. When it detects motion, it snaps a photo (megapixel resolution) and sends it as an MMS to your phone or to an email address. It's peace of mind in a compact device.

Text Message alarm Pagers: SMS alarm Pagers.

No need to pay expensive monitoring centers anymore, simply program your mobile telephone number into the device and you're in control.

Perhaps you have just popped into the supermarket. You can relax in the knowledge that your house will call or text you in the event of a break in or fire and also that your bike, car or boat will call or text message you in the event of a disturbance while it's left in the car park or marina.

GSM Dialer alarms: The Choice.

With an almost overwhelming amount of devices on the market to choose from, Microactive is the place to find just what you are looking for. We offer a one-stop-shop for all your telemetry requirements and can offer you expert advice on your purchase.

Got an asset you want to safeguard - we have the solution!

GSM Pagers: Technical Forum.

GSM pagers is an independent website with a forum where you can find advice on choosing and installing the right unit for you. www.gsmpagers.co.uk also hosts a wealth of datasheets for most of Microactive's products.

GSM Pagers Technical Forum

Text Message alarm: No need for a phone line.

SMS Shield Lite   Using the latest in GSM technology means that the GSM pager / dialler can be used anywhere without the need for a phone line. There are no line charges, maintenance fees, or yearly subscriptions.

SMS alarm Pagers: Affordable DIY interface systems.

Worried about having you bike, car or boat stolen or vandalized. Microactive™ offer a range of modular GSM solutions, including a range of extremely affordable DIY interface systems, that allow you to be notified of an attempt to steal or vandalize your most prized possessions.

Product Selector

Many people worry about their security. Most of our systems are a simple one-box approach. Some of the devices we sell send you a text message, and some will call you so you can listen to what is going on and confirm the alarm is genuine. Check out our product selector to help you make the choice that is right for you. >>Product Selector

Why fit Alarm Signaling Devices, units and Systems

Quite frequently alarms are ignored and the police often only attend confirmed alarms. If you already have an alarm system and want the added peace of mind then we can supply you with a retrofit module that connects into your present alarm system with the minimum of wiring. Our system communicates an alarm straight to your mobile so it will cost you only pennies per year.

Unlike some monitored alarm systems, there are no monthly contracts. In the event of a security breach, our products will send a text message directly to your own mobile phone or call you instantly if there is an intruder. For as little as £105 you can monitor your house alarm using your mobile phone. MORE>>

Some of our GSM alarm systems will make a call in addition to sending a text message. This allows you to be double sure the alarm is genuine before you take action.

OEM Units

For the more adventures installer, electronics enthusiast or alarm manufacturer we can supply a range of OEM units that you can build into your own application or alarm system.

**Latest Arrival**

GSM Alarm burglar system only £250



Perfect for your server room security. Security system EPIR will inform you immediately with SMS message and phone call to your mobile when “unauthorized guest” enters your premises. System includes GSM module and Passive InfraRed sensor (PIR sensor) All device is small plastic enclosure and looks like simple PIR motion detector.

The system can be used in following applications:

- Enabled object security function will guard your property 24 hours a day and will send SMS message and make a phone call to your mobile upon intrusion.

- Voice channel option allows user to listen what is happening in secured property with mobile phone.

- Main power supply disruption control function will generate and send SMS message in case of mains 230V 50Hz power failure. This function comes particularly handy when using wood burning boilers.

To find out more click here>>

Red Knows for Boats

Red Knows is the latest hi-spec, security alarm system / GPS Tracker with SMS monitoring designed for boats and other applications.


Mini Tracker is a GSM/GPS-based alarm system and tracking unit that helps you exercise complete control over your property. Sensors include vibration and geofenceing. MORE>>

GSM Devices

Wireless security and sensors. Whether you want to check out the conditions on your boat or be notified of break-ins in you car,

we have a cost effective solution to meet you needs. Check out our product selector to help you choose the solution that is right for you. MORE>>



Microactive supply british, and european, text message alarm signalling devices and GSM alarm pager units.

Text Message Pagers

Your mobile phone is alerted with a text message or voice call when your property is disturbed. With the right sensors the alarm signalling units can detect fire, smoke, water levels, in fact almost anything!


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